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Video loading, please wait ... AutoPlay & nbsp; play a dozen women wear chiffon costume Showmanship forward and backward within the area of a bar Xijin Ferry suspend "Yihong" signs Sign courtesy
Antique gatehouse hung red signs "Yihong",hogan rebel, in front of about 10 young women dressed in chiffon costume standing in a row ...... This is the August 29 and August 30 in the evening, he appeared in Zhenjiang Xijin Ferry within the area of a front of the bar scene. Modern Express reporter learned that, "Yihong" is a costume theme party organized by the name of the bar, the day before yesterday, in the controversy,canada goose, this sign has been removed. Modern Express reporter Lin Qingzhi & nbsp; & nbsp;
& Nbsp; & nbsp,; & nbsp; hang bar "Yihong" signs stunned friends
Photo is at 23:00 on August 31 more posted on a forum in Zhenjiang City, which netizens question "Why is the Yihong"? Soon have friends to hang out, "Yi Hongyuan" signs of the behavior criticized, even friends lashed out at "no moral bottom line." There are a few friends that "Yihong" is the "Dream of Red Mansions" Jia stayed in place.
10:00 yesterday, the reporter came to the West the ferry crossing area, nearby shopkeeper confirmed August 29 and August 30 in the evening, the bar does have a door, "Yihong" sign and wearing the costume of the woman, "that two night very, very busy. "
Bar view
Is an elegant party, the name comes from "Dream of Red Mansions"
Yesterday morning, the reporter found the bar, the bar doors locked, the front of the store and antique gate "Yihong" signs no longer exists. Informed sources told the Modern Express reporter said, when the door of the bar on propaganda billboards, comes this verse "deep quiet Presidents Day,, twenty-two moon, green wax still spring rolls,, red makeup all night." These four words from "Dream of Red Mansions" Article 18 back to the "imperial province, she enjoyed heavy music gem parents spend with the family was only algae", is written by Jia front portion of a poem, the name of the poem is called "Yihong fast green."
Bar staff on duty told a reporter, "Yihong" is an event launched two days, August 31 morning, after the event, Bar regard to the sign torn down. Yesterday afternoon, the Modern Express reporter on the telephone contact bar Mr. Chen, he said, "Yihong" is part of a series of bar planning theme parties, based on the name of the "Dream of Red Mansions" in Jia's residence "Yi Hongyuan "activities related to the theme and costume, is an elegant party, not the users guess and pornography, brothels related.
For users' comments, Mr. Chen was some "helpless", "Beijing has a place to hang a sign 'introduced', some people think yellow, erotic, but in fact, and as we are misunderstood."
Resorts response
It has requested the removal of the other party, and will strengthen the management
In the area of cultural tourism administrations Xijin Ferry Co.,, Ltd., Industrial Development Ministry deputy director, who requested anonymous, told the Modern Express reporter from the beginning they did not agree to hang the cards in a bar without their approval made gatehouse, hang a sign on Friday they found the bar after the move, have been persuasion.
"The name is not the meaning of netizens thought it would be dirty, the bar is young high places, drinking,, singing,woolrich outlet, dancing it."
Deputy director, said that, although she was the talk of friends "baffled", but users do not understand or give them a lot of pressure, the day before yesterday, they will require immediate dismantling of security "Yihong" signs, bars voluntary removal .
Then they will continue to find the person in charge of the bar talk, and strengthen the management of scenic spots in shops in the future.
Expert opinion
Use this name
Does not fit
"Although the" Dream of Red Mansions "in Jia is the name of the Academy, but also really common in popular literature in the name of the brothel, easily lead to adverse social impacts, it may bring some trouble to the management." Marxism, Jiangsu University Associate Professor, Social studies scholar Zhou Haiyan believes that most users do not first think of "Dream of Red Mansions" is not surprising, "requires a certain appreciation of classical literacy,Roshe Run, literacy needs of this long-term culture, we are now in the family and school education have a strong utilitarian,, the relative lack of classic reading. "
Zhou Haiyan pointed out, it is noted even when the bar is listed on the slogan relations and "Dream of Red Mansions", but also inappropriate, because the name is not only one source, there is always ambiguous,nike tn pas cher,, in addition,, the flow of time in the outreach and advocacy community are It is limited and can not play a big role, "this incident reminds businesses should consider a more thorough, to avoid words and deeds prone to ambiguity."
(Original title: In Xijin Ferry resorts open "Yihong"?)

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2003, "SARS" period, in order to minimize direct contact between each other, to avoid cross-infection, Beijing Xiaotangshan hospital does not advocate a handshake, "hand over ceremony" quietly popular.
Information Times (Correspondent Zhang Chao Lijun Yan) face a second wave of pandemic struck, netizens have used various methods of prevention. Such as washing hands,, wearing masks, more exercise to enhance physical fitness and so on. Yesterday, reporters saw at Sina forum, users believe a pandemic influenza strikes is a traditional Chinese etiquette "hand over ceremony" re-emergence of the opportunity. For this proposal, netizens have thread expressed support for more users cited "Analects" pointed out that "hand over ceremony" in China has a long history,veste canada goose, are supposed to pay attention.
"A flow acceleration 'hand over ceremony' renaissance '
Users post called "mzks11", he first example in the post,, said the current pandemic raging premise, partner with outstretched hand to shake hands with each other may be rejected,, "is not their intention to cool you, but generally toluene type H1N1 virus fear. "the poster explains,Parajumpers Pas Cher," this fear of a stream, is a traditional Chinese 'hand over ceremony' a new opportunity for revival. "
In the post poster also cited Taiwan's richest man Terry Gou recent endorsement of a prevent a flow of public service ads as described in the ad Gou also advocated "a traditional ceremony to hand over the place of ritual handshaking." "Good people submissively said, neither the number of faux pas, but also reduce the risk of infectious diseases handshake, though not with a flow of SARS in the same breath,doudoune canada goose,, but it is still highly contagious, most worrying is that the virus mutates or after illness caused other complications. "netizens" mzks11 "said in the quote.
Users have support
After "mzks11" called for the resumption "hand over ceremony," the post is issued, immediately aroused netizens resonance, said the move was two birds with one stone, both to prevent a stream, while still allowing the revival of traditional Chinese etiquette.
Some netizens pointed out that "hand over ceremony" more beautiful than the handshake, naturally. " 'Hand over ceremony' beautiful generous, is also separated by Shu Shibu, and can be administered at the same time many people,Veste parajumpers, no danger of infectious diseases,, will not result in body odor and disagreeable." Sina an anonymous user said.
In addition, more careful users of information posted pictures to prove that our national leaders in the New Year tea party,http://bbs.unxstudio.o...ickforward=1&id=21062, when major meetings are used to impose admission "hand over ceremony." A Sina ID "Andy,," the user said, "" The Analects of Confucius "in there" Zi arch standing 'records, from the study of anthropology, sociology,http://tuozhanshebei.c...mod=space&uid=1034438, folklore, ethics point of view,' hand over ceremony 'is to enhance the nation a mechanism for identity,doudoune canada goose pas cher, used properly, can reduce crime, harmonious relationships, to build a harmonious society plays an important role. "1 point 2 points 3 points 4 points 5 points

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Xinhua Nanchang August 11 (Xinhua): Jiangxi Rural helping an old man "euthanasia" jailed Raises Concerns
For session seventy farmers in Jiangxi Zhong Yi pure, just received the final verdict means that he will face at least one year in prison. To assist afflicted by mental illness friend Zeng Xiang "euthanasia", he "buried alive" way causing the suffocation death.
Not long ago, Ganzhou City Intermediate People's Court made a second trial,,roshe run pas cher, rejected the appeal and upheld justice on the clock pure "guilty of negligence causing death and sentenced to two years' sentence.
Zeng Hong is located next to the South of Taojiang county rural water Xiba village. October 20, 2010 morning, Long County Public Security Bureau received Zeng Hong son had East-report, he said his father disappeared. Police soon found the bodies of Zeng Hong Zhong Yi pure home after the next pit in Chestnut Hill.
As the investigation deepens, the case gradually clear. Second half of 2009, after the bell and Zeng Hong Yi pure awareness become good friends. Since then,woolrich sito ufficiale,, Zeng Hong repeatedly referred to the body sick begged friends to help them commit suicide. October 19,, 2010, the two came to the hill after the bell, after taking sleeping pills, Zeng Hong lying within the pre-dug pit. About fifteen minutes later, Zhong Yi pure see the other side did not respond to the call, as previously agreed to be buried.
But the final conclusion forensic autopsy revealed that the deceased Zeng Hong eyelid hyperemia, bleeding heart and lung surfaces,, the Department of suffocation. This means that, when Zeng Hong buried,, and no deaths.
To this end, the court hearing the case in the process, meaning pure bell acts are "intentional homicide" or "wrongful death" has become the focus of the trial to argue.
In court, the prosecution alleged that the Zhong Yi pure without confirming Zeng Hong has died, the filling will be buried,doudoune canada goose, resulting in the suffocation death, their behavior suspected of indirect intentional homicide. But Zhong Yi pure proxy counsel argued that the victim Zeng Hong has repeatedly revealed the idea to commit suicide, Zhong Yi pure and no motive.
Outside the courtroom, ethics and morality debate is equally intense. "This 'euthanasia' How can there be peace?" Zeng Hong Son Dong Liang had asked his father suffocation and death, not only to carry out an autopsy, but also to re-cremated, it is difficult to get rest.
"He is honest people do stupid things." Zhong Yi pure cousin thinks Zhongyi Hao Zhong Yi pure village is recognized as a good man,Parajumpers Pas Cher, perhaps because of his sympathy for Zeng Hong, would do such a ridiculous thing.
More controversy from the community is centered on the time-honored "euthanasia" topics.
As early as 2007, when 28-year-old girl Li Yan Yinchuan because seriously ill for 27 years, paralysis of the legs, life can not take care of themselves,air max 90, published online in the "euthanasia application", once aroused Chinese public attention.
However, the global situation, there are a number of Dutch,, Belgian and US states and a few other countries recognize the legal status of euthanasia.
" 'Euthanasia' as can be acceptable to the public, both social progress,, and moral progress." Legalization of euthanasia advocate Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Sociology Ma Xuesong declared that China and the country's current legal status and recognition of euthanasia the gap between regions,, the fact that the gap between the level of medical standards and legislation between.
However, due to the "euthanasia" legal and technical aspects covered are very difficult, on the "euthanasia" Legislation oppositions equally prevalent. Some experts believe that the current China does not have the implementation of the "euthanasia" conditions, if rushed, on the one hand may cause confusion of family ethics, on the other hand, it may be due to the existence of legal loopholes, it evolved into "In the name of legal, murder the real "consequences. Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Jinwu
Welcome to comment I want to comment
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"Not many people on the road, this woman how to hit me?" The man wondered shopping chatter about a "walk do not have eyes ah", that the middle-aged woman's hand actually touched his palms, to a plug paper. Middle-aged woman say hello, right after the general run away, man shopping paper expand a look that says shocking line of small print: I was triad control, please call two numbers to let them alarm. Shopping man found at the end of the message, there are two mobile phone numbers, opened the first number and tell each other the contents of the note. The phone is a middle-aged woman's husband, who immediately called the police, his wife will soon be safely rescued. Recently, the illegal detention of Wang Ming, who was steel Jiangning District Procuratorate prosecution.
Cao Yan middle-aged woman who had borrowed usury, although also has a lot of money, but high interest rates more roll more borrowing Suanlaisuanqu nor repaid, creditors continue to urge her to pay back the money. One night in mid-April last year, Wang Gang Ming Cao Xin 3 came again a place to live,, see Cao Yan carrying luggage would leave,, then let her take a trip with them. Wanted to leave for some time Cao Xin reluctantly went with them to the Confucius Temple a teahouse, Wang Gang Zhou Peng Ming phoned creditors, said Cao Yan Yi Ba to the Confucius Temple, Zhou Peng immediately rushed to the Teahouse noisy. Cao Yan to justify the money back earlier than the capital, Zhou Peng, Wang Gang Ming people do not buy it,louboutin uomo, do not pay back the money not try to tell her to leave. Cao Yan see each other the real thing,, heart to tears, a friend playing in a circle calls to borrow money, no one can promise her. The next morning, tea house would be closed, several men said that we must Cao Yan home,woolrich outlet, Cao Xinjian never refused to go back, they were taken to a hotel to look after them.
Cao Yan did not know when to get out at the other side of the monitor gave friends and family to play a phone call, still did not borrow a penny. Late at night to calm her down,, the hotel decided to use pen and paper to write a note quietly, looking for opportunities handed out to please her husband or sister alarms save themselves. While the other is to look after their lax when the mouth, Cao Yan pen and paper hides in the body, take the opportunity to help write the bathroom fast information, and leave her husband and sister's phone number.
Zhou Peng, Wang Gang Ming,,louboutin soldes, who dun the evening in the hotel and decided to go out to eat with Cao Yan, a few people came to the streets around the "protect" her, Cao Xin holds strip tensions come to hand sweat, but did not find submitted chance to get out. After dinner the way back to the hotel, she saw a man coming towards,hogan outlet, pretending not to notice foot hit the man on the shoulder, quickly slip into the hands of those who did not wait Ming Wang Gang, who could react,, her mouth muttering a "how to walk," pounding heart followed back to the hotel. Somehow was hit a bit more out of the hands of man a piece of paper to see the message, I feel no small thing,piumini woolrich outlet, which then opened up a phone number, Cao Yan's husband received a phone call to know his wife in danger call the police,http://jibun.atmarkit....sai/fgenba24/genba24.html, police quickly found the man based on the orientation provided by this hotel, will Caoxin An all-out rescue, Zhou Peng, Wang Gang-ming,, who was arrested on the spot.
(Paper party were all a pseudonym) Jiang seized Xiaoxin

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Morning News Shaoxing lad Bing how he never imagined himself a big man,outlet hogan italia, go to the hospital with fever,hogan scontate, a list of charges there are as many "vaginal examination" of the project. Took this ridiculous list,hogan uomo outlet, Wang found the media.
Big men need to do gynecological examination
Around at 15:00 on July 9, high fever continued Bing came Shaoxing Yangxunqiao Jiangqiao hospital. At that time, emergency room doctor told him to go upstairs to do blood tests.
"I measured out a high fever of 40 degrees,sNLrwzjFgG, how blood Later, at my request, the doctor gave me with a fever needle." Wang looked at medical records to reporters, but the above records show is July 13.
In this regard, he explained that, on the 9th day of admissions of male doctors did not give him any medical records. This medical record is second to Jiangqiao hospital,louboutin pigalle, a female doctor gave him.
Since that day no fever,hogan online, the first two days Wang went to the hospital Jiangqiao headquarters Yangxunqiao hospital, on the 13th and then back to the hospital Jiangqiao,hogan scontate, this toss, temperature is down, but still low platelets.
Just then, he saw one on the list of charges: vaginal examination.
"I am a man, how can this be done " Wang angry and embarrassed.
Hospital: Doctor Hook played sprinkling
Reporters learned that the hospital is Jiangqiao Yangxunqiao hospital affiliated community health service stations,hogan uomo.
Jiangqiao hospital responsible person said that when the original Wang took this list to find the hospital, they do not understand a bit, after these few days of investigation, with a conclusion.
"Doctors in the open single tick when playing the hook a little longer,hogan interactive uomo, the" vaginal examination "project also hook into it." Said Chief of Medical Services package.
Check the items on the list,hogan scontate iGWGu4D6hc, tick the first column on the left is blood,hogan scarpe, above it is the "vaginal examination." Hospital doctors thought it might be a typo, resulting in toll revenue generated by the cost of the inspection.
But Wang can not accept it: "From the open list to charge and then blood,hogan interactive shop online, and finally back to the hands of a doctor,louboutin homme pas cher P1Lv,louboutin pas cher, and not just a part of how no one could find it.."
Hospital admissions got 9 gold doctor. The doctor Wang have the impression.
Dr. Jin said that it did let Amy go for blood tests,louboutin homme,7UHmr3wx1L, as medical records,louboutin soldes, he was sure,louboutin homme pas cher i96v, said:. "I gave him,hogan interactive 8iMWR2E2rh,louboutin femme pas cher, he could lose himself, and certainly did not write the check on the records."
The hospital said that they will refund the inspection fees charged more,hogan uomo.
But Wang said the hospital's explanation is too far-fetched,hogan interactive shop online, if not a satisfactory answer, he will continue to reflect the higher level department.
 Disclaimer: This article represents only the author, has nothing to do with the Phoenix. Its originality,louboutin prix, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents,hogan rebel, text authenticity,louboutin 1h6q6j3ngx, completeness,louboutin femme, timeliness,?louboutin femme, without any guarantee or promise,louboutin paris f8eK1z47ju, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.

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WASHINGTON (Correspondent Zhang Ke Xu Ruijin top Reporter Hu can) because what the child actually to the real mother said: Auntie, you got the wrong person!
This news, it is worth pondering.
December 26 evening, 9:00.
Xiaoshan 511 bus drivers of them drove the last bus has come to a new terminal Bay, a girl of eight-year-old boy has refused to get off. Big wind and rain outside, the child wearing thin, but hesitated not really explain why.
Master Zhang felt that this child eight are away from home, hit 110.
The new Bay area police station police on duty to send their children back to the inside.
The child claimed to Guangxi, 9 years old, my mother lives in Xiaoshan city,, because this car was lost.
As such the police inquiry, no information.
However, there are pieces school children trouser pocket cards, according to the above query name, actually detected Pekan Nanas police released five days before the disappearance of children missing person, but also find out the real names of his parents.
Child is vast.
Police photographs of the parents to see the vast, children immediately became the head shake rattle, he said it was not his parents, the school where the card is from a waif to come.
"This is why kids lie to it?" Police puzzled.
The vast mother got the news hit over. Mother and son dialogue, police surprised.
"Son, you are away from home for a few days? Mom think you ah!" "Auntie, you made a mistake, I'm not your son."
"You faint, how to call my aunt, I am your OMG!" "You're not my mother, I have a mother, she was on the middle shift it today."
"Quick, come on, go home with me. I know that your father beat you,, you feel wronged, but you also want your father to die." "My dad never beat me, my dad good way to go."
"Son,, Mom beg you, go back!" "Auntie, you want to think crazy son? Policeman, do not let her take me, she's not my mother."
This posture, the police had to take the mother and son separated,, inquired respectively.
Cai Feng Chen Feng police and auxiliary police found vast though fooling,barbour paris, but from time to time looked to her mother's direction. "Now, your mother waiting outside, while the mother warm embrace, while the hungry wandering life. You think it over, go home with her mother, then still stormy wilderness wandering?"
Hearing this, vast shed tears.
He has been in Xiaoshan North dry a migrant school, the fourth grade this year. Smart kids, commentary on the first grade was too good student, but by nature fun,http://itsnotjustaviru...m/forum/profile.php?id=73, especially assertive and ideas.
After the third year, fell in love with vast online games, often overnight near the cafe does not return, many parents education, vast not listen. In this regard, my father often impose fist,, and sometimes start very heavy. According vast to say that "has exceeded the limits of my stand,canada goose homme," her mother complained that he did not live up to expectations, for this vast disappointed.
5 days ago, vast and go out and play, go home and think about it later,hogan rebel, of her own father's fists,http://www.pingtante.c...p?mod=space&uid=30519, simply stay out of it! However, to be on the outside of each day, the more the fear of one's father, dragged on for five days.
The vast that just do not recognize the real mother, wanted to test, at this time if the mother's attitude is angrily scolded him hit him, he would simply deny that in the end, would rather not stray home.
The vast mother said, children advance into rebellion, parents education is very offensive, and my father beat him, of course not,, but he is also stubborn, often facing his father's fight, said:. "I figured you killed."
At this time, the police bought supper, vast obviously hungry, a box of rice down, finally smiled, and agreed to go home.
Usually very concerned about juvenile delinquents police Xu deeply disturbed, he thinks vast rebellious too,scrape hogan, as this trend continues, the consequences are serious.
The point is, to re-establish a normal,moncler pas cher, warm parent-child relationship, so that children feel a dear and beloved parents, there is a love him pity his family.
(Original title: aunt you have the wrong person, I'm not your son)

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"Royal Bathing" A side
"Royal Bathing" B side
Maximum character display different embroidery yesterday
Embroidery "Royal Bathing" amazing Star City
(Reporter Tian Fang) by far the largest figure exclusive embroidery works - Embroidery "Royal Bathing",louboutin soldes, for the first time yesterday at the opening of the exhibition Hunan Embroidery Institute masterpieces on display,rayban lunette de vue, stunning the audience.
"Royal Bathing" 120 cm wide, 280 cm tall, stick figures and the reality of the size of the characters. According to reports,basket tn, its design ideas from Bai "Everlasting Regret" "cold spell thanks bath Huaqing Pool,céline occhiali da sole, hot water wash creamy smooth.
Shier propped Johnson weakness, beginning when the new Cheng Enze. "The innovation lies in the culmination of needle embroidery techniques, Part One, to show the essence of Chinese and Western way of formal beauty. Works painting style,cappelli new york, but in the process-oriented structure, the relationship between light and dark characteristics of Western painting,longchamp paris, figure painting department,hogan, hair,oakley prezzi, floral,tiffany roma, etc. Meticulous presented in the form of painting,lunette de soleil, and rendering the background of clouds like Western painting,nike air max 90 homme, the two interacting with each other, in the form of performance technology has reached a new height. Meanwhile, in the painting needle,occhiali ray ban donna, possession of needles hidden line process to achieve extreme, works side body parts mixed with traditional needle,louboutin prix, the performance figures of creamy Yufu,outlet hogan, the other side of the needle with a tour performance lightweight chiffon,moncler sito ufficiale, shiny circulation,adidas football boots, background fog with a small cross pin, elegant yet gorgeous. it is reported that this piece of noble fashion is more than 20 works in the embroidery master craftsman's leadership,ceinture france, he spent five years as embroidery, embroidery called treasures.
It is reported that the provincial embroidery masters study hall is the industry's first centralized place to display masterpieces, the exhibition shows the national collection of masterpieces 35 provincial masters 6, both traditional and classical embroidery works "Tiger drinking "there are innovative forms of work" Cream red Ye Xue Ying Hui ", etc.,chaussures marques, there are some embroidery new works such as" life "and" Whisper "and so on, a change in the past silk for the end of the tradition,ochiali, the choice of straw, wallpaper as the base material, has opened up Xiangxiu new aesthetic demands.
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Zhejiang,louboutin homme, a newspaper director forced female employees nude chat woman claims failed exposure (Figure)
Fuzhou girl naked into the river to commit suicide onlookers eager to be taken without the rescue (Figure)
Worked earthquake appeared 4 times contributions beggars begging on the streets of Guangzhou (Photos)
Model publicity photo shoot was killed continued: the network is murdered thousands supermodel photo photo
Changbai Mountain Sanctuary villa built in 1400 Front leaders at all levels cut tree (Figure)
Roadside cameras suspected malicious manipulation of the woman taking a bath to be "live" (Figure)
15-year-old girl won the title of Miss China Henan beautiful people worry about (FIG)


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Mysterious businessman buy 60 kilograms of gold. Mysterious businessman buy 60 kilograms of gold invoice. Comics: Buy Gold
A Mercedes,http://bbs.arukikata.c...ent_contribution_id/91406, with a helper, carrying bag full of cash 12, subject to change time ...... holiday home,moncler femme, there is the mysterious businessman in Guangzhou disposable ho throw 18 million yuan bought 60 kilograms of gold,, the whole process of careful , as the movie plot. Guangzhou City Festival performance crazy, block trades constantly. Experts said that as the bulk of cash transactions difficult,, not recommended for ordinary customers or one-time purchase too much gold.
Big Ben carrying large sums of money to buy gold
It is located in Dongfeng Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, a gold store (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong gold") staff recalled, refused to disclose the identity of the client, in advance of an appointment to buy gold. Perhaps for security reasons, the door has been uncertain time down, it is subject to change until the day before the payment notice before the store. "He came,canada goose pas cher, it was already dark, more than an hour later than the scheduled time we do not know whether it was intentional." According to reports,, the day the guest a Mercedes,, two men and a woman with a co-assistant packed together into the driver store. "18 million yuan in cash, for each paperback 150 million, a total of 12 installed packages are placed in the trunk of the car."
According to the Guangdong gold, due to the trading volume is too large, we can not immediately ready for prime, had to be paid to mention gold. In the evening, the bank has to work, can only save 18 million yuan into the company's coffers. "We give the customer a password, leave the key in our hands, only two parties at the same time to open the safe."
Payment next day, gold bullion also ready. "Delivery time, only one person into the store." 60 kilograms of gold bullion from a variety of different specifications of the composition, piled up together, very large scale. Finally, the store prepared two similar bank safe deposit box in the box to allow customers to take away gold bars installed.
Bank confirmed the points over money
18 million yuan in cash, to the number of very clear, Folks, Guangdong gold has in the vicinity of ICBC and CCB have been banknote.
This reporter to the bank for confirmation, the two banks have really expressed Guangdong gold point where they had money. According to the bank, due to Guangdong gold is their old customers, the day did not feel in a big thing, because at that time only to come up with a money counter inventory,chaussure Louboutin pas cher, time-consuming, the only point of 500 million. Other cash received temporary close to Guangdong gold CCB simultaneously inventory.
Billing separate request
Reporters in Guangdong gold company saw part of the invoice has not delivered to the customer. According to the company explained that their company is not a VAT invoice over 1 million each, to open multiple invoices. Guests stay in Guangzhou, only a few days,hogan rebel, and asked them to separate billing. Reporters look at this part, each one is linked to, but not the same denomination,, the company explained that this is in accordance with the customer requirements.
Festival overall gold market is very crazy
According to Guangdong Investment Limited (Gold), this year, "the number of visitors and frequency" trading in gold are significantly improved,Roshe Run, and more than 1 kg of large transactions more. Interestingly, there are a few people are set aside near the rural dividends, the villagers took the book directly to buy gold.
Buy gold should not be generous
Guangdong Bao Zhu Zhigang,, chief analyst said that this year the price of gold has reached a "wide swings" stage. "One day rose $ 100, or $ 100 one day down the situation can happen." He said that from the point of view throughout the year, the price of gold is likely between "$ 1,http://marvelous21.sak...oh/light.cgi?res=23824%22,200 / oz -1600 US $ / ounce" oscillation amplitude is very large . So in this case, the public on how to invest in gold it? Zhu Zhigang said that the main points of this year to buy gold is "a small amount of wet storage, rallies to trim." He reminded ordinary customers, should not buy too many at once, usually in the "5-10" kg is appropriate. Because the bulk of barter, there is a risk of hard cash.
Written: Southern correspondent in Iraq Xiaoxia

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A Tao. Small quiet.
"I did not intend to sell a child, I can not bear my own children, I implored him not to, I said that our plight tired, never mind, boil boil passed, but he did not listen." Nanchong City in detention centers because traders buy their children arrested in a small quiet excitement expressing remorse, "I have really some (Arab husband Tao play) injury, I feel sorry for him, I'm sorry mother ......"
After December 9, 2013, Shunqing District, Nanchong City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade received the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Unit on the "Ministry of Public Security 703 Network Deal in Infant clue verification" briefing, immediately formed a task force on communications involving two baby trafficking case suspect a small quiet and Ah Tao were investigated. December 9 at 10 am, police investigators in Gaoping Heming garden the two men arrested. After further investigation, a small quiet birth to a total of three children, the first child dropped, and the second child also raised in the side,, the third child to be sold in Anhui. Task force on December 24 came to Tongling City in Anhui Xuancheng cooperation with the police, summoned the two trading intermediaries, they take the initiative to explain the facts of the crime, then she found the baby trading, January 15, 2014 by Shunqing District, Nanchong City people's Procuratorate, on suspicion of the crime of trafficking in children and Ah Tao is a small quiet arrest.
In Nanchong City Detention Center, through the interviews with the two,, West Reading correspondent city slowly opened this story, "Hu Du Gallic" behind.
The first child was abandoned in a cell
In 2009, he returned to Nanchong,, the 17-year-old still in love after more than two months and Ah Tao, suddenly one day a baby at home, which makes Ah Tao and his family was shocked, and this child to A Tao He said it is hit.
"In our love, he was very hurt me, but in that I was pregnant, after giving birth to a child he had changed, I'll fierce fight me," said the little quiet when pregnant because her body too fat, there is no people find these strange circumstances, and which also includes its own. Is about to give birth in the previous week, she discovered she was pregnant. "Because this is not me and his children, and I feel sorry for him, for fear his heart knots, the child will have to throw the idea. I did not expect him coincide." She spoke quietly this matter .
"We are poor, too young, do not feed the child,, put him away now." When the child was born, Ah Tao proposed child away, so the next night, they will be installed in the child a shopping basket, has gone several quarters, children want to find a destination for the rich people. Finally came to a district where people put a door.
When asked why his own newborn child again to sell when the reason she gives is money, too poor to feed the child, she wanted to find a better family.
The second child is still kept in the home
August 2010, a small quiet and pregnant with the child, near the perinatal period, the family returned home in Anhui A Tao, in September 2011, they brought the child back to the Nanchong city. December of that year, Ah Tao's parents also came to Nanchong work, the way to take care of his granddaughter. Only this child, currently still a small quiet home.
Third child selling money was squandered
January 2013, a small quiet again pregnant with a child, the child was born less than a week, Ah Tao go out and buy milk, but found not afford even the milk money, both home frown Total: better to send children it. But what is unexpected is that even the two children through the network was sold to a wealthy businessman, and the price just twenty-five thousand yuan only.
But more surprising is that they actually put money in a week to spend, and even travel home are gone. A Tao took the children to sell 25,000 yuan in Anhui, Shandong and other places to play a lot, a few thousand dollars to buy their own clothes, to buy a pair of small static shoes more than 200 pieces. Finally,http://bbs.long.6ycom....?mod=space&uid=124317, I borrowed from a friend back to Nanchong are $ 800. In July 2013, because of lack of money, Ah Tao end up going to put their 2-year-old daughter to sell, but finally gave up the idea.
West Reading correspondent dialogue small quiet city
"Afford child
Tell her to find a better home. "
Born in 1992, a small quiet, only 21 years old this year, it is overweight, compared to their peers and slightly vicissitudes. Zhuhai in Guangdong, a small quiet with a married middle-aged man in love, and soon after her uncle know this, she will curse roundly meal. Xiaojing had sadly returned to Nanchong. After she met online Anhui Ah Tao. Early May 2009, A Tao arrived Nanchong see little quiet night two will live together. A Tao 67 million savings the two together in a short time is squandered. The end of 2012, a small quiet and Ah Tao married.
"Like A Taoping gambling, lost a lot of money." Xiaojing said, because gambling is still a loan shark in the community. They did not work on weekdays, a small quiet family to A Tao presented a day can earn 150 yuan easy job, but a couple of months Ah Tao did not do it all day idle, let no money small quiet to find her mother. "My mother hurt me, I open my mouth. She would meet me." It was so against her mother for money to live.
"I hope so after I went out, and he can take the kids to start all over again, a good life," his face wearing a small quiet tears.
City West Reading correspondent dialogue Ah Tao
"Rather than giving away
You might as well sell in exchange for a sum of money, "
"I remember almost every holiday I will buy her some small gifts, to make her happy. Even if I had no money, I will find my friend to borrow money to buy her." Handcuffed Ah Tao recalled that he and his wife happy moment between laughs. And you can not imagine, in front of the scrub, looking honestly young boy would do such a thing.
"When the first child was born, I was completely shocked, I know just less than two months with her, how could my child!" Speaking of the first child, Ah Tao suddenly excited again, "and then plus when we are still small, simply can not afford, so send people. "
When a reporter asked why sell third newborn child, Ah Tao's face flashed a hint of remorse, then calmly said, "not because of the money? We were thinking of the children sent later, I thought, rather than giving away, you might as well sell in exchange for a sum of money? At that time I said that she (still small) is very opposed, but I took the children to sell ...... "
Police asked Ah Tao know when their own offense, his face filled with surprise, "I do not know to sell their children also break the law, I have to sell their children to be considered a crime? Sell other people's children is ah!"
When the end of the interview time when the reporters leave ready to leave, "I am a man!" He stopped everyone off, he said: "Everybody is not Hu Du Gallic, but I do such a thing, I really I'm sorry my wife, I'm sorry mother they helped me. I went out in the future, we must take to work, live up to their responsibility to do a good father, being a good husband, to give them a stable life. I was wrong, I was so wrong ...... "
Unbearable doting
Small quiet mother coaxed more than 20 million have to borrow money
"My wife and children 22:00 home, in the front yard found an abandoned baby." This year 75-year-old Li Kwai-fong (a pseudonym) gray-haired, bespectacled, his face full of sorrow, told reporters about their own Yang granddaughter small static (a pseudonym) experience. One night 21 years ago, he and his wife saw this poor child with a child wrapped in a cloth, who also left the umbilical cord, after hesitation children a wonderful reflection of the home, clean the child's body. "I was brought up hands,\"/\"/, sleep next to me." At that time, the old couple has three children, and picked up the baby because the age difference of 50 years, foreign Li Kwai-fong call her own granddaughter.
Small quiet mother responsive money under various pretexts
"Small quiet little time to go to school, is the old man riding a bike shuttle back and forth." In Li Kwai-fong of care, a small quiet grow up, character somewhat rebellious, do not love reading. Junior high school,piumini woolrich, went to Guangdong to work along with his uncle. After leaving in 2008, Li Kwai-fong hardly seen little quiet, but often telephone. "Grandma, I'm the boss here something broke, need 600 yuan," "Grandma, I got a job, the company asked to deposit, need 2,000 yuan," Li Kwai-fong are received every kind of phone , because of the small static single-handedly brought extra love, always responsive. Until 2012, Li Kwai-fong back and forth together to come up with nearly 20 million.
Suddenly, in 2012, one night, with a small quiet boyfriend Ah Tao Nanchong back home, her hand holding a few months old baby. Despite opposition from his family, distressed granddaughter Li Kwai-fong quietly take them back home to stay.
"A Tao often play a small quiet, said Tao Dong Ah, a small quiet afraid to west." In the days of Li Kwai-fong home is not harmonious, "Ah Tao put a small quiet beaten black and blue, the most appalling is that even allows small quiet knees ., to pee on her head, the rice down to the ground, so she went to lick the floor "mentioned here, Li Kwai-fong help tears:". a small quiet too poor, I have not seen what a good life. "
More than 20 million seven-year debt mother picking up cardboard debt
Li Kwai-fong in the home, in the right side of the TV cabinet piled she picked up two talented cardboard, paperboard watching, Li Kwai-fong crying, took off his glasses, wiped tears by hand has always stressed: "children are too young to follow the bad guys to bad , hoping to give her a fresh start in life opportunities. "Li Kwai-fong three thousand yuan monthly salary of an old married couple take debt, leaving a few hundred dollars for living expenses, streets are still picking up the cardboard to sell, January 22, with Li Kwai-fong recently I pick cardboard over in exchange for money to buy three small static underwear, to the detention center.
To help small quiet debts,hogan outlet, Li Kwai-fong had intended to buy his own house, and finally persuaded the community and family. Li Kwai-fong still to the police community to intercede in the last time, although presumably granddaughter might learn bad, but for the elderly must be very good, but the old man recalled,hogan outlet, "even a glass of water,http://www.zhixiangtem...p?mod=space&uid=10447, even the bowl of rice had not brought me." Li Kwai-fong answer order reporter surprised she managed to borrow money,roshe run pas cher, offend neighborhood friends and family, should help granddaughter,nike air max 90, had not even make the slightest filial piety. (Text characters are not his real name) City West Reading correspondent Zhang Zhaoting intern Liang Weiwei photo coverage
& Nbsp;

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Work intensity is very large. (Information) tired tired point, you can make more money! (Information)
JERUSALEM March 13 hearing Lee Marine Hashi a courier company courier to do for 10 years. 10 years, he was member of the amount sent from a daily average of 10 to the current 70 or 80 pieces per day, with the number of messages increases, his salary increased to six or seven hundred a month from now five or six thousand, 10 years, wages rose seven or eight times.
Ten years wages rose seven or eight times
"The customer is more urgent, both lay several telephone reminders, and other couriers were sent to members, I gave him sent." When the reporter saw Li Haiyang, while supplies last message he had just come back. In 2003, he became Harbin, a courier company courier, two years after he joined to the courier company, a self-employed outlets. Now men have more than 10 employees responsible for pickup submittal.
Mentioned change courier salary, he mince words: "big wage increases, 10 years ago, the highest six or seven hundred, and now average about 5,000 yuan, and some can earn seven or eight thousand." 10 years ago, he do courier, the wages by the basic salary, commission and benefits composition. Salary was 300 yuan, 1 yuan commission for each message, if the message delivered on time every month, to the end of another 50 yuan to 100 yuan, ranging from subsidies. "It was less a message, send an average of about 10 a day, pick one or two, a month doing this, could get six or seven hundred hand wages." Until 2007, 2008, wages have couriers It has been significantly improved, when a courier salary can reach 3,000 yuan.
Wage couriers is divided into two, first floor, second submittal pickup. His company's basic salary is 1,200 yuan, depending on where the courier network, about one or two hundred floating. He runs express outlets, each mail piece is to take 15% commission, send a piece is 7 cents. At the most, a courier to send more than 140 pieces a day, take more than 20 pieces. Currently, a courier wages average around 5,,000, if diligent, and some can reach sixty-seven thousand. Like the "double eleven", "double twelve", New Year, Spring Festival and other than the larger shopping period, wages courier can more than usual about 1,000 yuan. Experienced couriers, busy looking for when family and friends to help, or hire someone to send a message, this month's salary may reach nearly million, excluding the cost of hiring, wages may be left seven or eight thousand.
Mail wage increases follow up
"Mail adds, this is the courier a main cause of rising wages." In 2003, people mail items mainly in the company's various file-based,piumini woolrich, light weight, good to take delivery. By 2008 the number of online shopping, more and more mail items are enriched, clothes, shoes, food,roshe run femme, and even refrigerators,nike air max pas cher, televisions and other large household appliances will be mailed, along with the number of messages increases, the wages of couriers also increased, also will increase the intensity of work, ordinary people can not eat hard experience.
2003 due to fewer messages, Lee ocean one person responsible for all recipients Hashi hang District, sending pieces of work a day, up to 20 e-mail that he was riding a bicycle and sauntered send over. In 2005, he joined the courier company, courier business outlets incoming mail are not many, most or receive e-mail himself. By 2006, e-mail is gradually increased, he hired two couriers, and now he has more than 10 outlets courier, the courier per delivery to a daily average of at least eighty seven. Send e-mail tools from the bike into a motorcycle, then electric cars, vans.
2007 years ago, the wages of couriers and location, and if the more developed areas of responsibility, more business contacts, and mail delivery receipt correspondingly greater. As of 2003, because the volume is not much longer journey, the cost of a larger cottage areas without establishing business outlets. Now, the coverage of the courier company has a presence in all towns within the Fourth Ring Hashi, courier and wages location out of the relationship.
Many people say, courier rising wages and an increased courier, but Lee is not considered income marine couriers and courier price relationship. To file, for example, in 2003 the city courier company postage 10 yuan. Now Files first weight 15 yuan, added weight to 10 yuan per kilogram, if the city is about 12 yuan International, 15% commission per member,, compared with 10 years ago, the commission per ticket increased thirty-four dime, now closing day more than a dozen, so doing, increase the courier and the courier up little wage relation. What really matters is the number of submittals pickup. Mail Pickup revenue per ticket than submittals, good business if the courier and the area of responsibility of some shops relations and number pick-up, the commission more naturally.
Most not long dry too hard
People expect more respect
Li said to the Ocean, on the Internet said the courier monthly salary of 10,005 such messages may reach in the South, but the North has not yet reached now. Some big cities like Beijing and south, there are many online businesses, more number of shipments, courier pickup, less submittal. Courier Harbin and other northern areas of submittal much less pick. Courier pickup incomes above submittals, the wages of couriers South than the North is higher two thousand dollars.
Most couriers are satisfied with the current income, the only thing they are not recognized tangled society. Many couriers are junior high school education, no skills to find a job difficult. At the same time, work, suffered "supercilious",, "look down" and also let them hurt.
Courier every day and deal with all kinds of people,, and sometimes they have a customer for misunderstanding, and even verbal abuse against them. They send e-mail, as long as the packaging is not broken, there is no damage to the items to complete the delivery mission. Lee Marine said he once gave a woman send rice cookers,, packaging is not damaged, no damage to the rice cooker after opening, the woman asked to take a stew with rice taste really good after the payment. For such unreasonable demands, he directly ask for payment immediately, the other would say he was a bad attitude and so on.
Some customers said the phone call complaints, courier delivery is too late. After verifying that the message is entered Harbin Two hours later, the courier will be sent to e-mail, this is a very fast speed. Still others believe that the courier violence sorting, courier companies these issues in their almost put an end to. In addition to the provisions of the company can not contact the customer, the address does not match the other reasons, if the mail the day before 17:00 is not delivered on time, delayed a vote per e-mail, courier will be fined 100 yuan.
"In the eyes of many people, couriers are not well educated, clothing is not beautiful, but in my eyes is the most beautiful person." Lee said to the Ocean, every day to send pieces of the pickup,doudoune canada goose pas cher, courier are subject to a lot of dirty looks, there are some people they say that is a direct delivery, the speech showed disrespect. Courier work about 10 hours a day, just want to be the first time the mail sent to the hands of customers, "I hope we can give the courier more understanding and respect."
"Looking at the wages of couriers pricey, but I could not keep people." Lee said to the Ocean, the courier good job, usually once a recruit three people, after a month in only one person to stay, staff mobility,, which is a problem faced by all courier companies. Everyone has seen the high wages of couriers, but always ignore their high-intensity work. Every couriers are from 8 am-mail delivery, generally to about 6:00 in the evening, every day is riding electric cars running around upstairs downstairs submittals,doudoune moncler femme, pickup. Sometimes a building where each floor has a message to send, it would have a layer of the stairs, the day very tired,, some couriers in order to gain more time to send pieces at noon for dinner. Courier basically no rest days, a month can be a few days off, but this is the case you'll get a perfect attendance award, many courier will not leave.
In addition to the high-intensity work, social status is not recognized also failed to keep the people's cause. Many people only do courier as a transit point to earn the money and then find another job. A courier ocean Lee knew two years ago, did a good time to earn 5,000 yuan a month, but did quit after one year. Some time ago,, Lee went to an ocean shipping building saw the courier, Lee ocean to see him wearing a suit, clean, asked that he do the receptionist in the building, the monthly salary of 3,000 yuan. Although wage 2000 yuan less time than doing courier, but no wind and sun, every day wear glamorous, he would prefer to pay less work.
Currently, the age of the courier to 40 years old based. Too old, every day running around the body can not stand a lot of young people want to find a job easily, compared to the age of 40 or so courier done for a long time. Now, some courier companies intend to offer insurance and other benefits for the courier, hoping to retain more people, but social recognition of the problem or the main reason, if society as a whole can be recognized, respected courier, there will be a lot of people are willing to engaged in this profession.
(Original title: from more than 700 to more than 6,000 couriers decade wages have gone up seven or eight times)

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Young women falling from the sixth floor window,http://ans.itinfoworld...?qa=9333&qa_1=rivalry, but fortunately was second floor wire cushion a bit,, fell downstairs young women still have a heartbeat and breathing,,air max 90,, but let onlookers residents Curiously,air max 90, this young woman chest prescribe significantly the stab wounds. Corridor, what happened? Around 2:00 yesterday afternoon,, 120 ambulances rushed to Liaoyuan Road near the falls young women rushed to the sea Ci Hospital. Reporters learned from the witnesses at that young women with a knife falls ago, self-mutilation,, but also kept saying "I was wrong."
Falls young women with stab wounds
"I had heard a sound boom, when she had come to see lying on the ground,, surrounded by broken glass, wire, 2nd Floor position droop down." Reporter heard the news rushed to the scene, the injured have been taken by ambulance rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, a crowd of people pointing to the sixth floor corridor windows broken, said previously heard the sound of glass breaking, young women suspected of crashing the windows, fell from the 6th floor. "Maybe she fell on the second floor of the wire, the fall of the buffer force,hogan outlet, so there fell after weak heartbeat and breathing." Mr. Wang said, who lives upstairs, this young woman seemed very strange, this should not be building's tenants, but the strange thing is, they have seen young women with at least two chest still bleeding wounds, looks like a knife being stabbed, but she did not see a suspicious person falls fled the scene .
Family members cried, "You foolish gnaw"
Reporters rushed to the sea Ci Hospital, in front of the theater to see a young woman kneeling on the ground, crying tears. Reporters asked that falls is her cousin, surnamed fresh, 22 years old, Linyi, Qingdao cousin's parents are to catch up. The injured were taken to hospital after an ambulance was rushed to the operating room to rescue,,doudoune moncler pas cher, as of press time reporter, the operation is still in progress, not yet out of danger. This young women, said her cousin did not live in the building, she was rushed to the scene after the accident,piumini woolrich outlet, it is unclear exactly what happened.
Falls before the self-mutilation knife
An unnamed witness, he said that young women seem to suffer a big blow mentally, when she smashed the windows of the 6th floor, holding a knife, stabbed his hard chest, and then from 6th floor window fell off. Witnesses recalled, before it falls young women have been muttering, "I was wrong." Police are investigating the matter. (Reporter Huang Fei)
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Eating hot pot, intestines swollen like a basketball guy
On examination, he had no intestines peritoneum fixed segment, resulting in eating more 360-degree twist and flatulence
Yan Liping correspondent newspaper reporter Hou Mingming
Jinhua has a 19-year-old boy, after eating hot pot,bvlgari bracciali, a major event!
First, stomach pain,hogan rebel 2N8n27v5uK, more severe,dior lunette de vue, to the hospital for a check and found that section intestines reversed, swollen bigger than basketball, but fortunately timely surgery, saved their lives. Yesterday morning, the Evening News reporter saw him in the hospital ward, he ruddy face,louboutin femme escarpin, talking about these things,sito nike, and even said a few "really never dreamed."
Hot pot shop feasting
After returning home guy stomach pain for three days
Zhang guy,lunette de vue vacugx6obs, Anhui, with their parents in Dongyang Qianxiang Lucai shop opened in our town. Zhang cheerful to Dongyang three years, made many friends, regular weekend dinner, drink. Recent cold weather, hot pot has become their first choice.
Weekend a week ago, he and friends meet to eat hot pot,cinture burberry Jzd6B57UT8, ordered many dishes,converse bordeaux, chatting and drinking,ceinture chrome hearts, all of a sudden 20 bottles of beer coming down the belly.
After dinner, the home of Zhang vague feeling a little stomach ache,oakley lunette de vue, but still we resist,louboutin chaussures, the next day he had diarrhea. Zhang reckoned, it might be a hot and a cold beer,hogan interactive shop online, hot, eating bad stomach.
He felt it should boil boil passed, bursts of pain lasted for three days,negozi oakley, the third day, Zhang growing belly pain, father and mother looked wrong, took him to a clinic in town.
Drugs can also eat, also linked to the needle, can still stomach ache, Zhang pale, cold sweat fly. Zhang father and mother more and more afraid, son life,nike air max homme, I have never had so ah. December 18 afternoon, they sent Zhang Dongyang City People's Hospital.
Check the results were surprising
There was a 360-degree twist intestines
Check the result makes the whole family gasped.
Doctors found by CT examination,7StJv74lQM, Zhang sigmoid colon torsion site of occurrence, the degree of twist over a lap.
Anorectal surgery of Dr. Fu Quanhang said volvulus if surgery is not performed within 6-12 hours, it could cause parts of the reverse following ischemic bowel necrosis,chapeau chicago bulls, and once intestinal necrosis, very serious consequences - ranging from removal intestine, while in life-threatening. Situation is very critical.
Surgery, doctors discovered that Zhang not only more than one and volvulus, and part of the sigmoid colon flatulence obvious,escarpin louboutin pas cher, retroperitoneal open, such as a balloon drum up the intestines,9C65xern84, bowel diameter of more than 25 cm (normal intestinal diameter of only about 3-5cm) , bigger than basketball, intestines filled with fluid and gas.
Fortunately, the medical examination revealed intestinal blood supply still exist,nike lunette de soleil,new balance 410 homme 8c7e9NT, not intestinal necrosis, so decided to give reservation bowel surgery.
The operation was successful,louboutin paris, intestinal saved, lives are saved.
Doctors advise
After a meal should not do strenuous exercise immediately
Zhang puzzled, he often eat hot pot, have not worked out. How this almost losing your life
Dr. Fu explained that Zhang sigmoid colon length of more than forty centimeters, rather long,hogan roma, and in a free state. The average person's intestines are fixed to the side of the abdominal wall by the peritoneum,hogan outlet online,golden goose femme PzwQ6grW2C, which is the cause of Zhang colon torsion occurs.
"After Mengchi drank, one end portion of the colon is too heavy, it will easily lead to the center of gravity to reverse." Dr. Fu said.
Currently, Zhang still in hospital for observation for some time, the recovery well would be discharged. As to whether it will relapse,giuseppe zanotti boutique, Dr. Fu said, as long as the recent attention to avoid strenuous exercise, the likelihood of recurrence is unlikely to reverse parts of the colon.
I can not think this thing is a case of Zhang.
The doctor said,chapeau last kings UXfiKU564j,abercrombie minnaars, we were normal immediately after a meal if heavy physical labor or exercise, particularly the need for the body bend forward and rotating labor, may also occur volvulus.
These symptoms are generally volvulus: paroxysmal severe cramps in the lower abdomen, bloating, bowel discharge stopped. There may be nausea and vomiting and other symptoms, if left untreated, the medium-term future.
Doctors advise, preferably after a meal to rest for 30-60 minutes before exercise.
Yan Liping correspondent newspaper reporter Hou Mingming
&#160,céline occhiali da sole;
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A vegetative state before sweet sweet sweet parents now lying on the bed homemade suction machine
Only a 7-year-old girl, has become a vegetative state because of a medical malpractice. Faced with the high cost of hospital treatment, it can not afford the tearful parents with children discharged. In order to extend the life of a child, she lived in urban areas roughness Dongjin Guang, places Fann couple moved to the city from rural to rent residential home. The couple bought the oxygen cylinder, making yourself from the suction machine, built a "family ICU" (Family ICU). For two years, this "family ICU" again to regain his daughter from the hands of death.
A 15 Wanyuan huge debt
Who lives in the urban roughness level of a Village Court Building Dongjin Guang, places Fann had a happy family of three. 7 years old sweet (a pseudonym) was Pingdu city in a primary school sophomores. Because the children intelligent, lively, sweet teacher but also to make stylistic class members.
Accidents will happen. October 27, 2008, was sent to a cold sweet Pingdu Chengguan neighborhood offices hospitals Hongqi Road Clinic diagnosis and treatment of accidents while playing bottle, the child having seizures and was later rushed to the Pingdu City People's Hospital. Children by hospital staff rescue and intensive care, life can be preserved, but the child eventually became "just sloshing head" of the vegetable.
Faced with a lightning bolt, sweet parents, grandmother and uncle have a broken heart. In order to save the child's life and to treat the child, the light in the hospital,roshe run pas cher, Dong after spending more than 30 million. This is only small business Dongjin Guang, places Fann couples is undoubtedly an astronomical figure. Brothers and sisters of the family "plundered" all "search", and relatives can borrow borrowed, watching the children still lying on the bed, Dong Jinguang will even living out of the store are rented out, despite this, shop in exchange for rent and treat the child could still take huge compared to the cost, it is still inadequate.
Children in hospital treatment six months, has been steady and optimistic Dong Jinguang looked at the bed of vegetative children become unhappy, so he was only 36 years old temples give birth to a lot of white hair.
Children light treatment spent more than 30 million,Jh22tt7Ikv, of which Dong Jinguang borrowed money from relatives and friends of the giant 150,000 yuan! It does not come to borrow money, even though the basic conditions for the child's symptoms and discharged less, Dongjin Guang and his wife in places Fann hospital staff a challenge and retain the sound of tearful children discharged.
B danger again
After the child home from the hospital, and not as quiet as the couple had imagined. "We have just come back when the child brought home town." Su Wen Fang said she lived in the upstairs 6, can just go home soon, some of the symptoms in the children's hospital to relapse.
Once in the bathroom sink Fann sweet to wash diapers, when she went to the balcony to dry diapers for children, suddenly found lying in bed children roll their eyes. Was feeling something was amiss Fann quickly sink basin diaper aside and tried to see the child, that child has his face turned red and even some purple. "How the children?" Su Wen Fang shouting, but the kids are still in bed motionless. Su Wen Fang went to the child's head up, and this time she knew the child's throat blocking the sputum. Since the occurrence of unfortunate children have to take care of more than six months places Fann understand that as long as the child throat blocking the sputum, a short time can not breathe for the child in terms of this vegetable is fatal. In tension and uneasiness, places Fann with your fingers to pull into the child's throat, fingers to pull into the child's throat to clear up, his face purple Biede child throat twice, took a deep breath. Children pressure of cross God, and may still scared places Fann heart bang bang beating.
In fact one of the risks, in just half the time in home, for this child, it's just at home experience. "Just go home, the child's condition is not yet stable." Said Dong Jinguang, a home in the first seven days of midnight, lying in bed, the child suddenly froth at the mouth, eyes askew, breathing hasty. In front of the children, frightened directors gold light places Fann. The time is at midnight, if you call 120 emergency calls, then, afraid of time, emergency doctors rushed to the scene, it is difficult to ensure that the child is safe. At this time places Fann anxious forehead sweating.
"How to do,8X4AS27BvX?" Su Wen Fang asked her husband.
"Yeah quickly sent to the hospital!" Dong Jinguang side answered, while the child pulled up, carrying a child ran out.
Pingdu March, especially at midnight outdoors, temperatures are still below freezing, because the go radical, Dong Jinguang Maoku even have no time to wear,air max pas cher, wearing only pants Qiuku member went out. See this scene, places Fann quickly pulled on the bed of a yellow coat, cover the child's body, husband and wife two people with children from the 6th floor trot rushed downstairs, the road will cut a taxi to send their children to the hospital. Due to the rescue in a timely manner, the child was saved.
C three generations relocation
After the child was taken to hospital the night in the hospital and in hospital three days, the condition was relatively stable. As before,chaussures louboutin, no money because the hospital, the couple turn the child back home. Children at home face vegetative dangerous spate, the couple really afraid of more serious consequences kids someday happen.
"You lived in 6 upstairs, really dangerous back down the child is not easy." Concern for the children in the same side of the Dongjin Guang old mother speak. Old mother thought this, lying in bed watching urinated in bed and can not eat their own children, Dong Jinguang ponder a morning: In order to facilitate the care of children, renters out of it, to find a cottage.
In this way, the child was discharged on the tenth day,2hmfEUV33t, the Dongjin Guang came to a village west of downtown roughness, where he found a people rent houses and this place down. Soon, a family of three moved here. In order to take care of his granddaughter, in a family of three moved here shortly, Dong Jinguang old mother also moved from his home in the residence. "Granddaughter into a vegetative state, the son and daughter have to live that way." This seven-year-old mother were to face reporters tears. She said she was old, buried in her neck when loess think, faced with grandchildren misfortune.
With this house, take care of the children from the past is relatively easy compared to some. Normally, Fann also places the child into the yard the sun. Live at home, compared with the original, even though the children come here in sunny days can the sun, but the disease is not far away from the children, seizures are still frequent, prolonged bed rest, children cough more and more important, and sometimes up concentrated sputum make sweet choke to death. To make this "surviving" child down accident will not happen again, there was a time the couple are afraid to sleep at night, take turns to look after sweet,Xw4rDuE2F3, fear is enough to make a child a fatal sputum.
D self-made suction machine
Sputum became one of the risk to the children to bring the main culprit lives. Each child shortness of breath, throat blocking the sputum, home child care places Fann total index finger or use chopsticks distraction daughter's mouth, pull out sputum, in the case of a chance to pull by hand, sometimes have places Fann suction mouth. Shortness of breath every time, the parents of these acts,RB18f0jaXA, this is only seven or eight children, is a torture. Although children can not speak, even turning movements are able to fulfill, but children are often looked at sputum turned red and even purple in the face,doudoune moncler, only to sink Fann and Dong Jinguang deeply appreciate the one taste.
Due to the often hard objects such as chopsticks inserted into the throat of a child, that child's throat is inflamed. At that time, the couple also want to buy for their children suction machine, suction machine at least sixty-seven a thousand dollars to more than a million. This is a huge debt behind carrying 150,000 yuan family is concerned, is unrealistic. Before the child leaves the hospital, the doctor had warned the couple: do pay attention to the child's phlegm, sputum encounter if not promptly treated, may lead to serious consequences, even fatal!
Buy suction machine unrealistic, despite this, you can not watch children suffer. To solve the problem of child hold sputum, Dongjin Guang and his brother to sell the business at a suction machine suction machine asks works. Thereafter, the two brothers know the main components of the machine by suction vacuum suction machine and straw components. After learning this secret, brothers treasure, quickly went to buy a small vacuum suction machine and pipette on the market. With vacuum suction machine and straw he returned home, two brothers and at home to start the experiment. It will be the end of the straw into the end of the vacuum suction machine, vacuum suction machine plugged in turning up, then the other end of the straw inserted in the child's throat, this trick really OK.
Made their own suction machine in the end can not be used? Indiscriminate use will have adverse consequences for children? This big guy brothers face their own invention, and really did not dare to conclusions. To this end, Dong Jinguang once again came to the hospital and had treatment for the child's medical staff go home, guarding the medical field experiments. "Useful, useful, very useful. Works and produces results with the hospital suction machine is the same." Faced with a medical staff of Dong Jinguang create suction machines are amazed!
In got "experts" after approval, because every job has a suction machine engine noise, Dong Jinguang this vacuum suction unit on the outside of the children live in bedroom windows, the windows drilled holes, the long straw lead to the child's bedside, each child hold sputum danger occurs, the couple then went to the straw inserted into the throat of the child, as long as a suction machine open, the problem is solved, the danger will resolve a.
E continuity of life "home ICU"
In fact, the manufacturing of suction machine is the couple for the child to establish a "home ICU" out of second step. As early as the beginning of the child leaves the hospital, the child rather unstable condition, often the symptoms, the most direct method of treating convulsions hypoxia and dyspnea, hypoxia and dyspnea is oxygen.
To this end, Dongjin Guang, places Fann couple after the family moved to the cottage,S8au2Wr4k2,nike air max 90, but also for the children to borrow money to buy a bottle of oxygen, and the oxygen bottle on the child's bed, the danger will occur as long as the child oxygen tube insert child nostrils.
With home oxygen bottles, suction machine with the child alone on a special bed, the bed covered with special bedding. Let the children have a clean home is a space to rest, but also their own hands to Dong Jinguang bedroom walls were whitewashed. In this way, a family home in the intensive care unit built.
Was it just left the hospital, the child one week you have to use a can of oxygen,AQbU8t85r8, which means that every weekend Dong Jinguang get to the hospital for children filling oxygen. From the beginning of the establishment of this "family ICU", Dong Jinguang not even remember how many times to the hospital to buy an oxygen.
Two years, Dong Jinguang places Fann and children at home do not remember how many times the danger occurs each time struck the children at stake, this couple from the hands of "family ICU" always make sweet vegetable life saved the day.
Text / reporter Wang end
? News Background
October 27, 2008, who lives in Pingdu sweet because of a cold, the mother places Fann was only 7-year-old daughter to the clinic played a bottle, from the child became a vegetable.
January 17,1M2If0I9up, February 9, respectively, the Japanese newspaper had "7-year-old girl into a vegetative state, Whose Fault", "vegetable girl will receive compensation for 58 million yuan," the title, respectively, for the medical investigation into the incident reports, just eight days after the first report published in the paper, Pingdu City people's Court that had "stranded" more than a year of civil cases were first instance verdict. Hongqi Road Clinic home unit Pingdu Chengguan neighborhood offices hospitals to compensate the victim, now 9-year-old sweet 58 million yuan.
For Pingdu City People's Court of first instance verdict, sweet father Dong Jinguang after receiving the first instance verdict said they did not accept the verdict, and has Qingdao Intermediate People's Court appeal.

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Three drinks after dinner with friends in the warm and urging people to drink wine on the table, resulting in urging people to drink during the two sides dispute fierce quarrel. No one would have thought that one of the parties in the course of the quarrel as emotional cause a heart attack died after death. Later, questioned each other "Masi" and family of the deceased will be "responsible party" to court and made a huge total price of more than 200,nike air max 90,000 claims, a "no clean-up and chaotic," the lawsuit begins.
String tables urging people to drink,
Guessed the other party "not to face."
Who lives in Jinan Zhangqiu Yongliang (a pseudonym) is a local employee of a business day, Zhang Yongliang and colleagues after work together in June 2010 of the unit in front of a restaurant meal. At that time, it was night, in addition to a few people point the dishes, but also point to drink a lot of liquor. Around 7:00 pm three drinks later, Zhang Yongliang and colleagues at several other colleagues at dinner that your organization is also dining room next to the package, so take advantage of revelry came between the other packet toast.
After several of his colleagues have been King finished wine, Yongliang began toast,, toast guessed when a respect to your organization is Chen Qiang (a pseudonym) colleagues,, since before the two sides had some holidays at work, even in front of other people face refused Yongliang toast, which makes Yongliang feel no face.
Verbal conflict,
He wanted to talk about lead to "murder"
After toasting himself suffered rejection Yongliang said nothing at first, but it touches on a table and drink their own colleagues can not see passed, said a few words of Chen Qiang,barbour Soldes, who could have guessed the accusation triggered a great dissatisfaction with Chen Qiang,http://www.chrisadamsp...ex.php?item/create_form/1, the two sides started immediately abuse. Watching their friends because they rolled into the dispute, and subsequently began to accuse Chen Yongliang strong, both in words relentless, fierce recrimination. Quarrel in a full half an hour after the sudden unexpected happened - emotional Yongliang suddenly collapsed at the scene, unconscious.
Panic, people rushed to the hospital will Yongliang, guessed more unexpected thing after another - Yongliang because He died that night died in hospital. Later,moncler femme, the public security organs involved in the matter, the forensic, Zhang Yongliang acute because a heart attack and died.
Question "Masi" and,
Family of the deceased claims more than two hundred thousand
July 2010, Chen Qiang questioned in the course of a quarrel, "Masi" and lead to the death of Zhang Yongliang, Zhang Yongliang families forthwith Chen Qiang to court seeking compensation for the cost of more than twenty million. Took over the case is that the Court of Jinan Zhangqiu Holy Well Li Hongli Tribunal judge, he told reporters, "that the family of the deceased,, suffering from heart disease due before Yongliang, with Chen Qiang dispute because Chen is greatly stimulate evoked so strong cardiac death, as 'perpetrators',barbour pas cher, Chen Qiang, should bear the primary liability. "Hongli told reporters, Zhang Yongliang death caused great trauma to his family,,nike tn pas cher, his family repeatedly requested the Court found Chen Qiang held responsible for them.
Discrimination law reasoning,
Curse those who bear responsibility for 10%
Such "no clean-up and chaotic," the lawsuit what judgment ye?
During the interview,, Li Hongli judges to reporters analyzed,, the direct cause of death in this case is because Yongliang emotional induced heart disease, the incentive is strong and Chen quarrel, during the existence of a causal relationship, Chen Qiang should bear responsibility. Note, however, that the time of the incident, Zhang Yongliang toast triggered by unhappiness, may not necessarily be entirely in arms, because after all he knows is heart disease, also can be expected to know the adverse consequences of their own after a heated argument, but should be responsible for their own , to make a greater duty of care,http://www.54qingdao.c...p&ac=blog&blogid=, so that in this misfortune Yongliang himself has the primary responsibility.
Accordingly, the court's final judgment of first instance decision, the defendant Chen Qiang bear 10% of the responsibility for the accident. Reporter Lishi Wu

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BEIJING, Nov. 27,, according to Taiwan, "Central News Agency" reports, Taiwan Du Xing Nvzai to a clothing store and shopping saleswoman conversation,, but took the opportunity to other coffee drugged,hogan rebel, looted property succeed. Taipei City Police Battalion of the 27th Interpol announced that solve the case,, according to the robber crime to justice.
Taipei City police Detective eight teams Interpol Battalion 27, said Beitou District New Street in a clothing store, in February there is a wearing hooded fur collar coat,piumini woolrich,http://bbs.banbijiang....p?mod=space&uid=76099, women wearing masks entered the store shopping, because women's words and deeds exception, although the clerk feel strange but not pay more blocked.
Police said the female customer suddenly expressed drink coffee, go out to return short-store, holding two cups of coffee, a glass of show is to give female clerk surnamed Wang, after the king's daughter Shengqingnanque barely drink, within a few minutes of consciousness blurred. The king's daughter woke up and found the store bags, clothes, credit cards, smart phones and other items,roshe run homme, and the counter 44,piumini woolrich outlet,,000 yuan (NT, the same below) were looted, the loss of more than 10 million.
Victim to the area Beitou Branch report,, the medical examination found that the body has reacted sleeping pills. After we receive the police access to the monitor,hogan outlet, a locking Du Xing Nvzai have involved heavy too. Detective eight teams owned grasp the situation, to the 26th District freshwater Sharon Road arrest Du F, remove the two jackets, purses and other stolen goods imported from Italy.
Du female after appearing in court for that crime because the brain is a man called "exquisite" people ordered. Police did not rule out long-term use DU women have psychiatric drugs, strong sleeping pills should be used when committing the crime usually get medical treatment,, after hearing the whole case transferred to the prosecution investigation.
Police found the woman living in the new Taipei Du fresh new towns,, usually walk in traditional markets Beitou, fresh water and other areas, has not ruled out the same way commit more cases, and a rarity in clothing stores to start with, is further inventory.
(Original title: Woman loading customer please drink drug coffee shop looted property was brought to justice)
Edit: SN089

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Xin small talk with his father,air max 90 pas cher. Reporter Wang Xuan yi taken
"I continue to call himself incompetent father, but I can not, I'm not abandoned child." Yesterday, leukemia, small boy crying Sun Hua Xin's father on the phone. June 29, he will be 5-year-old Xin alone in the Beijing Children's Hospital, then lost contact with their families. Yesterday, he finally appeared at home and said, "has been to raise ten thousand dollars, and then to raise money after Beijing to see his son." Currently, small Xin was first admitted to Peking University First Hospital inpatient treatment, his mother came to take care of him.
& Gt; & gt; June 29
June 29 afternoon, a small Sun Hua Xin his father alone in the Beijing Children's Hospital outpatient hall. After the police investigation, confirmed abandoned small Xin night will be sent to Mentougou rescue shelter.
"Children came blubber, cried 'My dad did not want me,canada goose homme,'" says Mr. Shi Mentougou assistance station owners. Small Xin surrounded by a parcel containing clothes, toys, as well as a Sun Hua letter left. The letter said that because of poverty, unable to cure his son suffering from leukemia,scrape hogan, social well-intentioned people want relief,, inscribed and signed it "an incompetent father."
Relief stations quickly arranged for the child's room and board, and the children rushed to hospital Mentougou temporary treatment.
& Gt; & gt,hogan outlet; July 2
July 2, a small segment Yan Zhen Xin's mother rushed to Beijing. She's learned from her husband's cousin,, Sun Hua Xin left alone in the little hospital. She then borrowed 450 dollars overnight from Anshun City, Guizhou Province, came home.
Yesterday morning, the reporter saw a small Xin, he was lying in bed alone, constantly shouting "Mama,, Mama." Yan Zhen rising to the segment, small Xin kiss on the cheek. "Slightly out of time a little long, the child began to cry and sometimes he would say:." Mom, you do not leave me. "
& Gt; & gt,; July 6
After Beijing Huayu Scholarship Foundation contact, small Xin July 6 Check Peking University First Hospital for treatment.
The doctor told reporters, etc. Guchuan results came out, the small Xin to determine what type of leukemia, and given treatment. "3 years of therapy down the cost estimated at 300,000 yuan. If you need to do a bone marrow transplant, surgery and the need for more than 40 million."
Currently, Beijing Huayu Scholarship Foundation has been part of the community to raise money for charity.
& Gt,; & gt; July 7 resume contact Father forgive
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the Sun Wah's cousin happened to Sun Hua beside it. Sun Hua crying on the phone,, a small Xin kept shouting after received a telephone call "Dad",moncler sito ufficiale, he wisely advised:. "Daddy Do not cry, do not cry daddy"
Mother segment Yan Zhen also wept, and to her husband, said:. "A good child, do not be worried."
Attending kindergartens donations 8700 yuan
Yesterday afternoon,, the reporter called small Xin Zhen purpose Anshun City studying new kindergarten. An office staff, that small Xin's condition after week, more than 40 faculty members plus parents,, for a total contribution of more than 8700 yuan.
Small Xin poverty, school tuition for him. "Children are very smart, teacher twice a song can remember, usually the results are very good." The staff member said.

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The girl was rescued very cute
Information Times (Reporter correspondent Xiao Hanmin tube XuanXuan Huang Jiang branch) reporter yesterday from Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed a few days ago, Huang Jianggong Security Bureau give the power of the police,moncler soldes, the suspects were arrested two child trafficking, successfully rescued 3 abducted children,;no=100&page=", Wan solved in one fell swoop,scarpe hogan outlet, the benefits of the two four cases of child trafficking. Currently, police are tracing the emergency, the security of a rescue, Jiang sell baby.
Rely on others abducted baby
20 am July 17 this year, Ms. Cui from Guizhou holding four-month-old son Zhang Huang is Huang Town River Road East out the door to watch TV, about a 30-year-old woman, speaking in his hometown in Guizhou accent on funny kids play before,doudoune moncler, and take the initiative to chat with Ms. Cui. When the two sides, the woman asked Ms. Cui live. Ms. Cui truthfully tell each other.
18 May 0900, the woman went to Ms. Cui rental rental, the two chat, and then also went to the market to buy food, lunch. 15 pm the same day, the woman called the child urine, Huang Jiang to go to the hospital to see Ms. Cui agreed to let the woman holding the child down the stairs first, and so lock the door when Ms. Cui went downstairs and found the woman disappeared with her child, then call the police.
Abduction can not have children infant rearing
Police after transfer to see surveillance video around the scene,, found the suspect is a Mingjiao Guizhou, a woman, and mastered An Mouji present situation and activity trail. July 30,scarpe hogan outlet,, police task force in Jiangbei District, Huizhou City, a security of a rental will be arrested on the spot and rescued three abducted children: "? 730" case,_gang/wald_maserati_qu...aserati_quattroporte.html, Zhang abducted baby,, and the other two were 4 and 5 years old girl. 31, the ad hoc police clues again in the same place above the (cross-town deep Guang'an City,moncler pas cher, the Department of the security of a boyfriend) arrested another suspect Jiang.
Upon review, a safe, Jiang cohabitation has been together for eight years. In March 2000,http://www.pipelinesjo...nesjobs/, the security of a loss of fertility due to ectopic pregnancy, they had to raise the idea of abducted children. November 1, 2005, Ann went to a nearby shopping mall Carrefour Huang Jiang Zhenmin, from the hands of a woman Compromise turned just in a more than six-month-old baby girl (i.e. rescued 5-year-old girl).
In February 2007, a safe, nearby Huizhou Jiang sneaked into the Great Lakes Water Town Creek a market will be a 10-month-old baby girl abducted (ie rescued 4-year-old girl). In June, a safety came Houjie Town of Dongguan, will a three-month-old baby Shui back to Huizhou. Since the girl too much, on the third day they put the two 3-month-old baby girl to 4500 yuan sold. July 18,, 2009, and fled to the security of a Huang Huang Town River Road will be four-month-old Zhang abducted. At present, Huang Jiang police are tracing an emergency,, the security of a rescue, Jiang sell baby.

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Clean bed, bathroom with shower ...... from Hebi Junxian 42-year-old Li security of migrant workers can not believe their eyes. "Zhengzhou wife again, no longer have to squeeze the makeshift site, I did not expect such a good thing!" Today, the first experience of "migrant workers happy home," Lee told reporters security, Zhengzhou themselves to work more than four years, his wife came to see him three or four times, but each time the site simple room,,air max pas cher, find a block separated by a curtain to block wooden bed with others, even if temporary couples room, "it is to earn money, thought I had to Jiudiankaifang, reluctant to spend the money. "
November 18, sponsored by the Zhengzhou 12 college students, 80 Love Song Naiyong contractor strong support "of migrant workers happy home", officially inaugurated in Zhengzhou, which means that long separated the two short-term migrant workers couples reunite in Zhengzhou there will be a free hotel stay. According to reports, this is the country's first "migrant workers happy home", is also 12 university students following the organization Tanabata Festival "of migrant workers Magpie Bridge" (August 30 newspaper had done fifth edition reported) and then an action.
12 students from Zhengzhou Vocational College of traffic donate summer job income of 120 million yuan,piumini woolrich outlet, 80 contractors Songnai Yong donated 300,000 yuan jointly set up a "Henan care for migrant workers Charity Fund" in Zhengzhou cloud fashion house hotel set 10 standard rooms . "There is no specific geographical and gender restrictions, no age requirements, as long as migrant workers at the site, you can always come." Hotel official told reporters, according to the agreement signed between donors and hotel occupancy will be required to verify the identity, booklet and the site proved, confirmed, can be directly checked into the hotel. The hotel day is "happy home" set aside 10 rooms, "if one day to more people, there will be another increase in short-term stay is all free, long-term considerations, beyond the 10 rooms, the hotel will charge the cost fee."
"Love comes from close contact with the migrant workers, the idea was accidental, did not expect to go so far." Initiator of the activity, Fu Yunpeng, one of 12 college students said. This summer,canada goose femme, he and the other 11 students in work-study program in the way a construction site for a month when safety inspectors, "Many migrant workers do not go home a couple of years, even if his wife came to visit, that is shed talk ,http://www.vardanton.c...p?mod=space&uid=30122, the conditions did not live together. "Feeling among migrant workers hard and couples together far more than the reality, they decided to provide an opportunity for family reunification for migrant workers.
The same day, "Students care for migrant workers in Henan Love Alliance" was also announced, including Zhengzhou University,scarpe hogan outlet, Henan Agricultural University and other colleges and universities college students joining the capital of six, they plan to volunteer service activities, including free medical,scarpe hogan outlet, legal aid, counseling children of migrant workers and other projects.
Dean said Li Shunxing Zhengzhou Vocational College of traffic, the Institute is actively planning the establishment of Henan migrant workers vocational skills training center,, free life difficult for migrant workers training to enhance skills of migrant workers, improving their treatment. (Yujia Xi Wang group name)
(Original title: Zhengzhou first "migrant workers happy home" test the water couple can stay free on-site)

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BEIJING,?ugg bottes femmes, Nanning October 30 (Reporter Wang Gang) Guigang City Public Security Bureau said today Muge Port Guigang City Southern District of town, a girl under 16 years of age has recently been gang-raped by nine men rely on to wilderness,coach occhiali da sole, causing printing of strong concern. Alarm Guigang public security organs rapid response, to take effective investigative measures, to yesterday, including a college sophomore,marc jacobs occhiali da sole, including nine suspects have been arrested.
According to reports,hogan outlet, ten o'clock in the morning of October 12, under the age of sixteen-year-old Deng Moumou victim, accompanied by wooden lattice town Yun Dong,balmain occhiali da sole, director of the village women,nike shox, came to the police station Muge: 1 am on the 11th , which has been more than in town wooden lattice wooden lattice bridge near the village of three sections meadow young men gang-raped, causing great harm to their physical and mental being. Guigang City Public Security Bureau attaches great importance Konan, Konan deputy mayor,hogan bambino, Cai Yongqiang Branch Secretary, Political Commissar Huangshan Hua visit frontline command, etc.,hogan, and set up a task force. After thorough investigation, the panel focused on the day to determine the suspects. In the police station with wooden lattice, the panel on the early morning of October 13 has the suspect Shen, Zhang Moudong, Xu, Liaomou, Zhang,adidas samoa, Huang six people arrested.
Questioning revealed that, ten evening, the victim Deng Moumou and his girlfriend Ye Moujun, 叶某秀 and 叶某君 boyfriend Zhang Moudong (one criminal suspects) and other four to a certain Internet cafe Internet Muge town . Half past eleven p.m., four people came out from behind the cafe,nike dual fusion st 2, drinking beer encountered in the town of Cross Street supper wooden lattice stalls Yemou, Shen, Xu et al., In which the victim had met Deng Moumou and Yemou . See Deng Moumou hot body, drink Yemou, Shen, Xu et al hath departed Dunqi. After several people plotting, regardless of the victim Deng Moumou struggle, Yemou,adidas court attitude, Shen, Xu women riding a motorcycle near the Deng held hostage to the grass,swarovski collane, drinking with Yemou Zhang, Liaomou, yellow some,louboutin soirée, who also followed the scene, together with a few people intimidation,jordan noir, persecution means Deng Moumou raped.
After a major breakthrough in the detection of cases,ugg upside bottes, the task force efforts to increase the pursuit to hunt down the remaining two fugitive suspects Shen Ming, Yemou. Sixteen half past ten on the evening of October, the task force will be in Pakistan fast Guangxi Wuzhou Expressway wood frame segments are car fled Guangdong Shen Ming captured. Another suspect Yemou their families by doing ideological work, also on October 29 in the morning to the public security organs gave himself up.
&#160,longchamp recrutement;
According to the investigation, nine suspects per capita for the Southern District of Hong Kong Muge town, nineteen-year-old the youngest,adidas jeremy scott 3 tongue, the largest twenty-nine,air max femme, in addition to a college sophomore, the remaining eight are unemployed. Currently, nine suspects have been XingJu, the case is being further considered.




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Video loading, please wait ... AutoPlay & nbsp; play the son of man thrown into the river backwards and forwards Jinsha River, 26-year-old Zheng Lin from here son thrown into the river.
Due to family conflicts, this year 26-year-old man Panzhihua Zheng Lin (a pseudonym) felt depressed mood,, made the incredible move, he will own only 1 year 7 months, twin sons of the younger son, he threw it into the Sands river. Evening of June 3, holding his son Zheng Lin came to the Jinsha River side,, you want to bring children to commit suicide, he lifted the child into the offshore about 2 meters after the river, did not own the courage to commit suicide, that regret he wants the water fishing, but this time the child has already been swept away by the river.
He told his family
"My son fell into the Jinsha River"
June 20, WCC reporter learned from Panzhihua City, the Eastern Procuratorate,chaussures louboutin,, Zheng Lin in Panzhihua City Renhe Area factory workers, and parents in the East Side neighborhood ferry bridge renters. He married his wife in 2011, Ms. Zhu, last year, Ms. Zhu gave birth to twin sons. Last November,, the couple began divorce, his wife moved Bingcaogang live, while the eldest son took care of her parents, the younger son Xuanxuan (a pseudonym) left Zheng Lin.
Indeed, primarily Xuan Xuan Zheng Lin's parents in the band. At 18:00 on June 3 before, Zheng Lin home for dinner, his mother Wang Hui (a pseudonym) scolded him, saying he was playing so late to come back, regardless of the son, husband and wife relationship is not handled. Zheng Lin did not speak, eat quietly.
20:00 before, Zheng Lin changed clothes to hold Xuan Xuan go out. "I took his son out to play." When we go out, he told Wang Hui. Wang Hui did not expect such a son actually go away forever grandson.
Zheng Lin to go out on a taxi to the terminal and headed Panzhihua. Between the terminal and the gray old bridge, he was out of the car, went to the Jinsha River.
22:00, and Zheng Lin Xuan Xuan has not come back with a family kind of bad feeling, gave him more than one phone, Zheng Lin has not received. Until the end, Zheng Lin aunt finally pick up the phone. Phone, Zheng Lin tearful and said let his father answer the phone. "I was not your son?" The phone, Zheng Lin asked his father. "Yes." Father is very anxious. "I will not commit suicide." Zheng Lin told the truth: "The child is gone,http://www.xianchao8.c...hp?mod=space&uid=4374, fell into the Jinsha River in the go."
Explain to the police
His son was thrown in the river
At first,, Zheng Lin did not say their location, helpless wife to die onslaught, he uttered locations. A man hurriedly rushed to the Jinsha River, Zheng Lin found a man sitting on a rock, and have not seen around Xuan Xuan. Zheng Lin finally said, pointing to the river, here, here I fell off.
Children disappeared around at 2:00 on June 4, Ms. Zhu's sister chose the alarm. Police rushed to the scene, but could not find the children, only in the river found a child's shoe. Subsequently, Zheng Lin was taken away by police investigation.
In the police Zheng Lin made the first transcripts, Zheng Lin said, the child accidentally fell into the river. But the next day, he explained to the police that the child was thrown into the river in his hand, the police will immediately Detention him, family is stunned.
20, the reporter came to the Jinsha River. According to insider information provided by Zheng Lin is standing on a stone thrown into the river will be children. Nearby residents said, let alone children, adults fell into the river that will soon be swept away.
Divorcing couples
He blamed his son
It is understood, Zheng Lin who work, parents have to work,canada goose femme, although the family is not rich, but raising a child is not a problem. According to Zheng Lin explained that he is because of family conflicts, feeling depressed mood. Zheng Lin's wife Bingcaogang a KTV night field classes, he felt it was not serious occupation,scrape hogan, and others suspected his wife was having an illicit relationship. From the end of last year, the two have been in divorce.
In addition to marital conflicts, Zheng Lin also think, every home, his mother would chatter, these families deal with the relationship is not good, so he felt was very depressed, I feel the pressure is particularly large, and thus that it was all her children, so the germination of the idea of suicide with their children.
After a river child he wanted to commit suicide but no courage
Zheng Lin said that after he went to the Jinsha River, the son already asleep. He first sat holding his son in the river for a while, and then go out into the shore to go. At this time, his son woke up and started crying struggle,, but also lost a shoe on the floor. Zheng Lin unmoved, raised his son, struggling to throw, he will be thrown into the river about two meters away from the bank's.
After throwing away the child, he began to regret it, trying Qulao water, but the water too fast and very cold and did not find one, he can only go ashore. At this time, he again received a call from his family, he said, he was the courage to commit suicide. Following a police investigation, Zheng Lin confessed to their actions. June 16, Panzhihua City,,scarpe hogan outlet, the Eastern Procuratorate reviewed that Zheng Lin on suspicion of manslaughter, according to the law approved the arrest of its implementation. Currently, children have not been found.
Party dialogue
I'm sorry, I'm sorry son
Prior to arrest, Panzhihua City, the Eastern Procuratorate prosecutor, Zheng Lin was arraigned. Prosecutors found that Zheng Lin introverted character, very quiet, talk about the matter, the performance is very calm, repeatedly said he was sorry. Prosecutors also quite sigh, , Zheng Lin's behavior is really incredible, the child's departure is a pity.
Zheng Lin's mother Wang Hui said that from the beginning of May, she chided his son, said he did not go to work to play until late, do not go home with children, worried about him outside astray. Faced with the mother's nagging, Zheng Lin has never speak, nor refute.
Prosecutor: throw children so cruel, you in the end how you think?
Zheng Lin: I feel pressure, family relationships handled properly, and son wanted to commit suicide together. After his son dropped the water, I began to regret, jumped trying to save him, but deep water urgent, I caught a few did not catch. Then I got a family phone, I think want to open,tn requin pas cher, do not want to commit suicide.
Prosecutor: Why did you initially said the child fell into the river of their own?
Zheng Lin: At first I did not dare to tell the truth, I'm afraid they do not understand and can not accept the reality.
Prosecutor: things are now, the idea of what you are now?
Zheng Lin: I'm sorry. If you have a chance, I want to take care of their parents. I would like to say to his wife, I agreed to divorce you, you get a normal job, the other son raised. I also hope that my other son grow up law-abiding, to be a good person. I'm sorry my son Xuan Xuan, very sorry for him.
Zhao Juan Li Jia Feng WCC reporter Xu Xiangdong photo coverage
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